View an extensive gallery full of pictures of cats posing or in action. Quickly sift through the pictures to find pictures that you like. save, share and comment on any picture that peeks your interests.

Get your daily does of cats and kitten action. Watch an assortment of cat videos. Cute, funny and all cats; you will me mesmerized on how cats interact with everyday situations.

That's right, the first cat app ever to have its own MEME generator for cats. Find any picture you like within the app and add your own catch phrase to it and instantly share it.

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Cats2Love is an app made for all ages. If you love cats, this is the App for you!

This app allows you to browse through an assortment of cat pictures and videos. You can write on the images to create your own version of meme and publish to social media or just to your friends. These cute bundles of joy will keep you smiling and coming back for more doses of furry fun.


  • Swipy Photo Gallery
  • Create collection of your favorites from Photo Gallery
  • Cat Wiki - List of Cat breeds
  • Video - Collection of Cat videos
  • Myths - Cat tales from ancient times to the present day
  • Meme Generator (A concept, catchphrase or piece of media which spreads, often as mimicry, from person to person)
  • Click to email
  • Click to Share (Facebook, Twitter etc...)

And more to come!

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Cats2Love is available on the iPhone and iPad currently. We appologize Android users. To get your your copy please visit the iTunes app store.

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Learn all about cat breeds. It'll blow your mind.

Cat2Love has its own built in wiki on the worlds most famous domestic cat breeds. Powered by Wikipedia the information from each cat breed is updated as needed to make the information that you are reading about as accurate as possible. Currently Cats2Love has a database of 43 unique pure breeds. Our wiki is perfect for students to generate reports for school and is kid friendly.

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Hear century old myths. You won't beleive it.

Cats were domesticated back in the days of ancient Egypt. During all of this time there have been many stories about cats. Read about all of these myths on cats and you will be amazed at what you find. Some myths are funny and some myths make you wonder about how your cat actually thinks. Myths are a great way to start a conversation as they are mostly stories with some truth to them.

cats do not get along with dogs

New content added all the time! Finally.

All content is updated all the time, so when you use Cats2Love you know that there will always be new and fresh content. Use the app as much as you need and enjoy all of the cats we have to offer. If you do not have a cat but wish to have one, Cats2Love should help you with your wait. Get all of the love and entertainment a cat can bring to your life through our mobile app.

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